The Design Process

The design process begins with a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your project and receive a free quote based on the scope of work decided. If you then choose to hire us, we will meet again to go into further details on how to get your vision on to paper. We will obtain all necessary information pertaining to the site, municipal by-laws, zoning regulations, restrictions and overall parameters needed for accurate design for the purpose of obtaining a building permit to begin construction. Three sets of preliminary drawings come standard with each project and presented at meetings with you to review and refine your plans every step of the way. After you are satisfied with the design of your project, working construction drawings will be created which can be used for obtaining a building permit and construction! We will be available for complementary consultation to facilitate clearly between the client and builder and/or the municipality what is intended by the design for construction.

Interior Design

Interior design services come complimentary with all jobs. A main part of the design process is understanding proper space planning to create a functional layout, sizes, flow patterns, features and generally anything that will look good. All of these things are required for a proper design so as well as making sure our design gets your project a permit, we make sure the design is functional, feels nice and makes sense.

If you are looking for more then just space planning and flow patterns, we are able to create extra drawings to show exactly what you want to convey to the builders to relieve you of having to do it. Sometimes during the construction process, it can become hard to convey exactly what you have in mind down to detail for your interior features. Interior design is all about attention to detail and we have an infinite amount of it. Interior features include a wide variety of things. We can work with you to make sure you are getting the exact details on different features in the house prior to construction beginning. These include things like specific details of areas of your project, colour schemes, material matching, any other interior features and more. The design of a new custom home as well as the addition of interior design services can really make your custom home shine.

To discuss your project with us and book a free, no obligation, initial meeting and quote, Call 250-595-0858.