Why Do You Need Blueprints?

Each project is unique. Because of this, all projects require a set of drawings that are tailored to that project. The group of drawings we create and supply are commonly known as “Blueprints”. The blueprints are the heart of the project. They are important because they are the bridge between your ideas and all the groups of people and trades that will be involved in the budgeting, Municipal approval, construction and completion of your project. The blueprints confirm that your project meets present BC Building Code standards and is compliant with the ever changing municipal zoning bylaws and regulations. The blueprints are used by municipal government agencies, different groups of professionals, financial institutions, construction trades, product suppliers and many more in the course of their work. In a nutshell, blueprints supply specific information and meet certain standards required by each of the groups required for your funding and construction.

Our job is to take your ideas while offering other ideas for you to consider and then supply you with those required blueprints. Your project may also require other documents, certificates of approval and drawings that are supplied by other professionals and trades, most of which, are based off our blueprints.

Most people have done some homework and have a fairly good idea of what they want. Some have gone so far as to create a basic floor plan layout; some draw it out and some use a downloaded computer software. This basic layout is very helpful to me in creating the overall design, however, the layout is not to be confused with the design. The design is the basic layout fleshed out and edited to meet codes, overall best practice standards, municipal bylaws and regulations as well as cost management.

The blueprints that we supply are an amalgamation of your ideas, all codes and regulations, cost analysis and best practices into a legal document used by the government and other professional trades to begin construction. This requires the proper level of training and experience that you are looking for in a residential home designer. That is why you need blueprints and that is what you are paying for.